Welcome To Swimming Intelligence

Welcome To Swimming Intelligence

This site is a swim journal of your trainings. You can put here your swim programs for their further analysis.

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Why keeping a Swim Journal?

"I am a firm believer in the power of writing down our dreams, goals, and experiences we go through, such as training, racing, nutrition, school, social life, reflective time, etc.

...It is fascinating to go back and read much of what I wrote during different periods in my life. We can find patterns that evolve in how we think, feel, are motivated, and what we do based on them.

For swimming, I liked to track my training and race performances, such as actual sets I did in practice, what I held, letís say, on a set of 10x100s. What kind of set it was supposed to be (all out, recovery, drills, what did I hold per 50 in the 100s, or what specifically). I would note details of such sets, so that I could review it later, if we had a similar set later in the season. I could see if I did better or worse, and what else I was doing around that time. Was I doing more weights that might have caused me to be tired? Was I closer to taper time? As I review sets, do I find a pattern that having a day off and then racing is best for me, or having a really hard day before I do really well in a meet or practice? How does this change from the middle of the season to the end of the season?

What did I feel good about in practice today, and when did I space out, give up, or not do as well as I had wished. I found it helpful to review yardage, intensity, rest, nutrition, stressors that could be distracting me, communication with my coach, family, friends, and peers.

At a meet, what did I exactly do in warm up to get ready for my event? Did I swim 3 events that day? Which one did I feel best in?

If I had a great race, what was I thinking (or not), how did I feel, was I calm, excited (where was I in terms of arousal)? What was my focus like? Did I use distraction to help or hurt me? Was I super focused? Basically, look at what is working and what isnít. Note that at some meets, you might need to calm yourself down more than normal vs. get excited.

When we take time to observe our own habits, we have more awareness that can allow us to make positive changes. Even writing about stressful events can release a lot of repressed feelings, and often times a solution can come as we let it out." Katrina Radke, Olympic Swimmer

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